Let us help you be the very best you can be…

At Aura Care Living, we’re always looking for motivated, exciting and dynamic individuals to join our ever expanding team. If you wish to apply for a position at one of the Aura Care Living sites, or at our Head Office, please send across your CV and/or cover letter.

The Aura Care Living Staff Pledges

If you’re successful with your application and become part of the Aura Care Living team, in return for your commitment and loyalty, we have designed the 8 Aura Pledges that we make to every member of our staff.

Aura Rewards

Rewarding amazing conduct, commitment, attendance, improvement and effort

Aura Voice

Staff Council votes a "president" who in turn represents them, has meetings with management and directors and steers the way in which we further fulfill the needs of the staff.

Aura Awards

At Aura we have an annual awards scheme, in which departments are nominated to win prizes, such as an exciting Christmas night out to celebrate the festive season with your colleagues.

Aura Health Support

Access to occupational health and internal health programs for staff (stop smoking /running/ event training) etc.

Aura Celebration

Aura Care "getting to know" staff, from family celebrations, birthdays, Christmas, anniversary and even birthdays of children. "You will never work on your birthday!"

Aura Progression

Achieving long term badges and status to reflect an embedded and prolonged service to residents and aura care living.

Aura Rota

Emergency days, the attainment of sick pay (in higher ranks) and extra Annual leave days as rewards. Fixed rotas so planning a whole year is possible.

Aura Recognition

We will recognise the commitment and long term service of all of our staff by issuing long term achievement badges to reflect this status.

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