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At Aura Care Living, we know that offering respite and day care helps the individual, the family and others during times of need or even just to have a break from day to day life. This is why we are pleased to offer Day Care and Dementia Day Care, in addition to our existing Residential, Nursing, Respite and Dementia Care. 

 You or your family member will be welcomed to the Aura Care Living family, enjoy our delicious meals and refreshments while you join in with our exciting activities schedule to make every day fulfilling and entertaining.

 Our person centered day care packages are tailored to each individual and offer personalised support by providing a safe and comfortable environment with practical assistance, a delicious meal and refreshments throughout the day.  We are also able to offer rehabilitation and reablement support with our in-house physiotherapist.

Finally, we can offer a ‘pamper package’ where individuals can come in for the day and have an assisted bath or shower, shampoo and hair cut, chiropody and relax in one of our day lounges.

We understand that socialising with a multitude of carers and residents promotes positive outcomes and improved wellbeing whilst retaining the independence of living at home and the Stratton Court Care Home Day Care offers respite to family carers, or giving help in times of need, while integrating the individual into a community of like-minded individuals.




After an assessment to determine the person centered needs of the individual, we would ensure that the session was timed to work in the most beneficial way to suit everyone involved.

 The individual would need their medication, a change of clothes and any other equipment or personal care support with them to ensure they had everything they need to enjoy their stay with us. You are welcome to join us for breakfast to begin your day, and we can help arrange you transport in a wheelchair friendly taxi if needed.

After breakfast, there is an opportunity to go to the lounge and meet the other guests at Stratton Court, plan the activities you would like to attend and then enjoy a hearty, healthy lunch.

 The afternoon tends to be a time to relax, chat and maybe go on the minibus for a trip around the local area before returning for supper or heading back home.   If you choose to not join us for supper, we can provide you with a cold platter to take home for your evening meal if you prefer.

 During your time with us, we will support you with personal care, medication administration and your general wellbeing if you so wish.


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