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To provide hospitality services to our residents and their guests. Serving meals, snacks and beverages at their request in the location of their choice. To be caring, passionate and teamwork


  • Clear and reset the dining room for lunch after breakfast service has been completed. Assisting any resident remaining in the dining room for breakfast with any requests they may have. Ensuring no resident feels in
    any way rushed or pressured to finish a meal.
  • To ensure server stocks are replenished daily basis and the stock rota is adhered and all food are date and labelled.
  • Ensure all host trolleys are kept clean at all times.
  • Liaise with Head Chef regarding any special requirements for the day.
  • Check menu and visit each resident to ask for meal choices for lunch.
  • Provide choice information to the Head Chef for meal planning.
  • Spend as much time with residents as possible to contribute to one to one and group activities to promote independence and continued ability to undertake daily tasks as desired.
  • Prepare and serve morning beverages in locations as required by residents including the dining room, communal lounges and resident own rooms.
  • Serve lunch, assisted by support workers, in the dining room. Plate up meals for residents who choose to eat in their rooms. Ensure all required condiments are placed on the tray for support.
  • Inform the Head Chef immediately of any changes to meal choices made by residents and ensure, as far as possible, that all residents are provided with their choice.
  • Clear dining room and set up for supper.
  • Prepare and serve afternoon beverages in locations as required including the dining room, communal lounges and residents own rooms.
  • Serve supper, assisted by care assistants, in the dining room. Plate up meals for residents who choose to eat in their rooms. Return all trolley’s to the kitchen at the end of service.
  • Be available at all times to provide beverages and refreshments to residents and their guests. Offer beverages to all visitors to the unit.
  • Undertake any other duties required by the chef or Home Manager, including working in other areas/units when required to ensure the smooth running of the Home and delivery of care to the residents.
  • Understand and maintain the confidentiality at all times.

Policies and Procedures
To be up to date on, and follow, the relevant procedures contained in the Home’s Policies and Procedures file as they affect your job and its responsibilities.
Equal Opportunities Gold Care Homes is a company which consistently and positively celebrates differences that we have as people. This Home, in its policy and training, describes what we can expect of each other in our conduct. In your job, we expect you to make the fair treatment of colleagues and of those whom we
serve a priority.

Be accountable to your Manager for all areas of your duties and responsibilities. This accountability will be expressed through:

  • Regular one to one supervisions and team meetings with the Manager and other members of the team.
  • An annual appraisal meeting at which personal targets will be set and monitored.

Tasks and responsibilities within your area of capability may vary occasionally depending upon the needs of the business. You may be asked to undertake a variation of your normal routine to meet these needs. Your enthusiasm and flexibility will be appreciated.