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Aura Care Living


Unit Lead / Unit Lead Manager


As a Unit Lead, you have the responsibility for leading a team of care support staff to ensure the delivery of an excellent standard of care, which promotes independence and dignity and positively enhances the lives of individuals in our care.

Key Responsibilities

  • Take on full responsibility of the care Rota. Once complete and adequate cover in place provide to Deputy Manager to ensure shifts are added to Bodet for payroll.
  • Carry out all in-house Audits
  • Carry out medication ordering / training/ supervisions of meds trained staff
  • Carry out residents assessments i.e.: MCA / Best Interest / DoLs
  • To carry responsibility for the management of the unit during the day and to develop the
    skills of the care team
  • Promote and maintain a high standard of care
  • To ensure effective induction and ongoing performance of all staff in your charge. To take responsibility of the unit that you are allocated. Even though you are part of a “home” environment, your responsibilities are for the unit within it. However, during busy times or times when your peers are on leave, it may be that you deputize to take control of other units within the home. This will always be done with the necessary support and training. There may also be an “on-call” element to this role although this
    would typically be an advisory role.
  • Planning, directing and delivery of high quality person centered care Undertake staff reviews and team meetings.

To be considered for this role is it essential that you have

Take on full responsibility of the care rota. Once complete and adequate cover in place provide to Deputy Manager to ensure shifts are added to Budget for payroll.

  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience working as a senior carer or above.


You must have outstanding communication skills, and be motivated to offer the highest
standards of care. It is essential you are prepared to take on an active leadership role supporting the operation of a twenty-four hour business, including participation in the on-call Rota.

Ensure the delivery of quality care – continually assessing our residents' needs and wishes, developing the service to enhance their quality of life.

Champion independence and personal choice – develop, review and update care plans to meet our clients changing physical, social and psychological needs. In the case of Aura Care Living, such care plans and notes are kept digitally and you would need to be able to take on board a
certain level of I.T. Skills.

Ensure compliance with all legal, regulatory and best practice guidelines – risks are proactively managed and issues identified, investigated and resolved.

Oversee all aspects of medicine management – ensuring medicines are appropriately received,
stored and administered to our clients. Aura Care Living use an electronic system, so the post
holder must be trained in this area.

The post holder will be expected to complete a number of audits within the unit. These differ in
length and complexity from weekly, monthly and 6 monthly. The result of these audits must be
accurate as they go towards formulating the company dashboard which is a board level document.

Promote high standards of care for you and your team, actively seeking ways to improve levels of

Take an active role in training for the team of carers, working in conjunction with the training
resources of the company to ensure that care staff are kept up to date with current practices and
research lead developments.

Take a leadership role for your team – ensuring all staff are supervised appropriately and
rota’s are in place to enable the smooth, efficient running of the business. Rota’s are managed
according to budget. The rota management aspect of this job role are for your own unit and
not the entire home.

Take an active role in the development of yourself and others – ensure that the team's skill and knowledge levels are able to meet the changing needs of the business.

Ensure the delivery of quality care – continually assessing our residents needs and wishes, developing the service to enhance their quality of life.

Policies and Procedures

To be up to date on, and follow, the relevant procedures contained in the Home’s Policies and
Procedures file as they affect your job and its responsibilities.

Equal Opportunities

Aura Care Living is a company which consistently and positively celebrates diversity in the work
place. This Home, in its policy and training, describes what we can expect of each other in our
conduct. In your job, we expect you to make the fair treatment of colleagues and of those whom
we serve a priority.

This job description outlines only the main areas of responsibility, which may change as the post
develops. The post holder may also be required to undertake any other reasonable duties requested by
the Home Manager.

The job description will be evaluated and amended as necessary as part of the annual appraisal.

It is possible, that on the odd occasion, you may be asked to help with a department or job role
that is different to your usual duties. We ask that you embrace this as all staff within Aura Care
Living are here with one goal in mind, to ensure the safety and good care provision to our