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Aura Care Living



At Aura Care Living, we are driven by our passion to radically change later-life living and to pioneer new standards of excellence. The foundation of our new care philosophy is built on 8 key pillars that deliver an exclusive yet inclusive Aura Way of Life.


Our unique Aura Lifeport™ is a key foundation to our lifestyle promise; a fascinating life map of your journey including major milestones, family, friends, passions and pastimes. This along with our Aura Celebrations, events and activities means there are no limits to how absorbing your life can be.


Working with leading health and wellbeing specialists, our calendar is packed with a wide array of activities to keep the mind, body and spirit in the very best of health. From Art Exhibitions to Zumba, together with our Aura Wishlist, to producing food and crafts, we aim to cover a whole A-Z of activities.


Exceptional care is delivered by remarkable people, which is why our highly-trained, dedicated healthcare professionals are key.

Aura works with individual care plans, local GP’s, health specialists.


Passions and pastimes are important in life, so at our Aura Care Home, we manage our very own allotment, herb garden and greenhouses. For those who are interested, you can join in by harvesting vegetables, making home-made chutney, sharing the produce with family and friends, creating a great community feeling!


We have harnessed the latest technology  to enhance and deliver the highest quality of care and professional services, not to mention digital day-to-day communications. 


Meeting new, like-minded people is an exciting part of our new community. Our Aura Companions arrange regular social activities and events that are designed to create wonderful new friendships and bonds.


To be part of a wonderful community that you can craft and shape is rewarding and vital to create the very best environment in which we all live. At Aura, we guarantee every single member has a voice to ensure wishes and needs are always delivered.


At Aura Care Living, part of our mantra is to ensure that everything we do in our community is underpinned with the utmost dignity, respect and privacy. It’s not just what we believe in-its our way of life.


Confused about what care may be right for you? Click here to fill out our Care Assessment Request which can be completed within 24 hours of our highly qualified care team, or learn more about the types of care we offer.