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Submissions for this are now closed and thank you to all those who helped fulfil the wishes of so many. 

Sir Cliff Richard Wishes Marjorie Well

Marjorie, 89, wished to see Sir Cliff Richard because she was his number one fan. Sir Cliff then kindly took the time to send her a personalized video wishing her well.

“I absolutely love Sir Cliff Richard and am so overwhelmed that he sent me such a wonderful video.” – Marjorie

Sue Wishes For a Horse

Susan, 77, had the dream to “see a horse and stroke her nose”. This was granted thanks to the help of a local company called Catherine’s Carriages. Sue, and the other residents, were able to meet the beautiful horse, feed her and walk her around the property

“I love horses, it was just so lovely to walk him outside, feed him and it really reminded me of the good old times. “ – Susan

Maureen Asks For a Blue Rose

The team made a beautiful rose display for her to receive after expressing her desire for one earlier that week.

“Maureen was really overwhelmed as she had admired some roses while flower arranging earlier in the week and stated she always had loved blue roses but had never received one. To make our resident’s dreams come true means the world to us.” – Maureen’s Care Team.

 There are many more wishes to be granted for the residents and the Aura Care Team are working hard with the community to make these come true.

Jim Asks to See Eddie The Eagle

Jim, had asked to see “Eddie the Eagle again as he taught him how to drive.” Soon after, Eddie the Eagle sent in a video saying how “he had helped him” as without being able to drive, he would not have been driving to the ski slopes of Europe and likely not ended up being an Olympic icon in the 1988 Games in Calgary.

“Eddie the Eagle is just a really nice guy so I am so happy has sent me such a nice video” – Jim

John Drives a Ferrari

Shortly after seeing Sir Cliff Richard and Marjorie on the news, Aura Care Living were inundated with calls from people trying to make the resident’s remaining wishes come true.

John, 91, who had wished to “ride in a Ferrari as [he] loves them”. Soon after, a very generous gentleman arrived with his brand new 812 GTS 800BHP Ferrari and took John for a ride.

I knew they were nice, but I never realised they were this nice!” – John

The Colonel Gets a Royal Visit

Greville, fondly known as the Colonel, 88, wished to see the Royal Family again as [he]worked for the Queen after being a grenadier guard for 30 years.” Due to Covid-19 seeing the Royal family was obviously very unlikely, so the team worked hard to make the dream happen in some way. Unable to get hold of the Royals, The Grenadier Guards very generously agreed to visit the home in November to celebrate Remembrance Day.

Due to the latest announcements of the Lockdown this has been moved to a date in December TBC but the Colonel is elated and eagerly anticipating their arrival. 


Pam Ayes Reads Her Poem to Val

Val, 86, wished to see “Pam Ayres as her poems make [her] smile”. Soon after, Pam sent a video to Val with a wonderful reading of her joyful poem about her naughty terrier! Val was absolutely thrilled with the video and loved hearing Pam’s hilarious poem.

“Val loves Pam Ayres. She has several items of hers and we have found that Val is much happier when we have Pam Ayres playing in the background.” – Val’s Care Team

Frank & Margaret Wish For a Tractor

Frank, 94, was once a Farmer and the lovely Margaret, 98, wished to “see a Combine Harvester and sit on one again”. The Aura Care Living team were not deterred by the logistical issues of getting a big tractor to the home and set to work. Thanks to the Bathurst Estate and the Cotswold Machinery Company, Frank and Margaret were visited by not just one, but two incredible tractors!

“They are really nice these days, much better than when I was a farmer!” – Frank

“Oh wow, they are just so big now. I remember my son’s tractor being a lot smaller” – Margaret