Aura Care Living


What is the hierarchy within the home?

There will also be a team members board on display within the Home itself for your information.

How many visitors are you allowed as a resident at any one time?

There is no maximum number, but if you were expecting a large party, then we would recommend that you speak to a member of the team so that a private area can be booked enabling you to enjoy this occasion.

What happens if I do not wish to have a friend or relative come and visit me?

It is entirely up to you who you allow to visit you. If there is someone that you do not wish to see then alert the Reception and Unit Manager and we will ensure that they are not permitted to see you.

Is there visitor car parking?

Yes – there will be provision for visitors parking. Although we envisage that parking will be adequate for our Residents and their visitors, there may be times when there is an increase in vehicles on site such as Summer BBQs or any other social occasion. There is no restrictions on parking in the road outside the Home.

Who is on duty in the evening? Is there any security within the home?

There will be a waking senior member of the team together with the care team, who will be on duty on each unit throughout the night. The Management will also be randomly completing night visits to ensure the safety and well-being of our Residents. There is also an on-call Duty Manager for Emergencies.

Can my partner stay in one of the rooms at the home or stay overnight with me?

There is no provision for visiting family and friends to stay within the Home. The exception to this is should you become unwell then family will be able to stay with you in your room. We would provide a bed for them to sleep on.

Is there a time in the evening that I need to return by?

No. You will be able to come and go as you please but we would ask that you inform a team member of your approximate time of return, so that we are able to alert Security for you to access the Home on your return.

If I have no family and I want to pass my will to a carer or a member of the team, is that allowed?

Team members are not permitted to keep such items on behalf of a Resident. We would recommend that your Will is kept by a Solicitor, Executor or given to the Home Manager, so that it can be securely kept within the Home’s safe.

Is there transport into the local town or places of interest?

Trips into town and other local areas will be arranged by the Activities Team. Please do tell them if you know of new and interesting places to visit. If you require to travel to town or points of interest at other times then we will be able to arrange a taxi for you and you will incur the cost of travel.

Am I allowed to leave the home as I please?

Yes of course. You are able to come and go as you wish. We will ask you to indicate to a team member that you are going out and to sign the Fire Register when coming and going. We would kindly ask that you indicate an approximate time of return so that we can plan for any meals and medication that you require assistance with and to monitor your well-being should you be later.

If I have problems with the facilities in my room what should I do?

We will have a member of the maintenance team within the building who will be able to assist you with any issues. There will be a maintenance repair book at the main reception. You will be able to ring down and speak to the receptionist (during office hours) or alternatively you will be able go and enter this yourself.

Will my post and parcels be delivered to my room?

It is entirely your choice whether you would prefer to collect these from reception or to have them delivered to your room.

Can I get daily papers delivered to me?

Yes. We have a local newsagent who will be delivering papers to the Home. If you speak to the team then we can arrange this for you. A monthly invoice then will be forwarded to you for payment.

If I wish to make a complaint, how would I do this?

There will be information available within the building explaining how to make a complaint, together with a Complaint Box in Reception. A member of the team will always be available to discuss any concerns you may have. We take complaints seriously.

If one of my close family or friends becomes unwell, will they have priority access to the home?

This would be subject to pre-admission criteria, sufficient funds available and bed availability.

Does Aura require to see original copies of a resident's family's power of attorney?

We would need to see the original document and to keep a copy of the original document on file.


Can I bring any of my furniture?

Of course, you are able to bring in your own furniture, ornaments, and pictures to decorate your room as you like. A member of the team may have to discuss this with you if it poses any Health and Safety risk such as limiting access or movement around your room, furniture not meeting Fire Regulations. Our Maintenance team will assist you to move your property in and with any hanging of pictures.

Will toiletries be provided?

No – you will be expected to supply these. We will be having a limited supply for you to purchase, should you run out of anything.

What type of bed linen will be provided in the home?

It will be all cotton linen that meets with Fire Regulations.

Do I have to provide my own linen, towels and soft furnishings?

No – you will be provided with linen and towels which will be laundered by the housekeeping team. Of course you are able to bring your own linen and towels if you wish to. We do just ask that any bedding is clearly labelled.

What type of mattresses will be provided with the beds?

There will be an ordinary divan mattress but also pressure relieving mattresses will be available should the risk be assessed.

Do I have a safe in my room?

No – there is no safe within your room. We can provide a lockable cabinet/drawer so that you are able to lock valuables away or we do have the facility in our Administrators office to store items in the safe. You should be aware that access to this is limited to office hours only. The amount of money or valuables that you keep within your room is your personal choice. If you should be living with dementia, then a Best Interest meeting would be carried out to ascertain if it is advisable for you to keep money within your room.

If money should go missing from my room what would happen?

We would carry out a thorough investigation to ascertain the disappearance.

Is there fibre broadband in my room?


Who pays for the TV licence?

If you are over 65 then this is free and we will complete the paperwork for you. You will be charged for the licence if you are under 65. You will get an individual invoice directed to you.

Can I have a fridge in my room?

Yes – you can provide this but you will be responsible for cleaning and fridge temperature.

Can I have a kettle in my room to make refreshments?

There will be provision for a hot drinks machine in your room if you should so wish to make tea and coffee. A risk assessment will be completed to ensure that your safety is maintained whilst using it.

Will the WIFI be free to myself and my guests?

There will be provision for a hot drinks machine in your room if you should so wish to make tea and coffee. A risk assessment will be completed to ensure that your safety is maintained whilst using it.

Can I choose where my room is located?

We will always offer a choice of rooms where possible, but this is dependent on the number of rooms available and on which units. It may be that there are rooms available on a Unit in a different criteria. If we have any clinical or risk concerns pertaining to your choice, then aof the member of the team will discuss this with you.

Would I be able to change rooms if one became available? Would this incur any costs?

Yes – you would be able to change rooms provided it is within an appropriate unit that can meet your
needs. This would not incur any further costs.

Can I use my mobility scooter within the home?

Unfortunately not. Due to safety issues, mobility scooters may only be used outside of the building. There will be a place for you to park this when not in use and to charge it when required.


What bathing facilities are there?

There are wet rooms with showers in each room. If you require to sit when showering, then we will provide a shower chair for your comfort. There will be a luxury relaxation bath located in each of the four units. A team member will discuss with you your preferences and the level of support you require when bathing.

If I need end of life care, what will happen?

We anticipate that we will be able to support and care for Residents when approaching the end of their life. We will have the facilities, equipment available and support of visiting health care professionals to ensure that all aspects of your care are addressed.

What types of care do you offer?

Each Aura Home provides different levels of care. The levels of care range from, respite care, residential care, residential dementia care and nursing. Speak to one of our advisers to find out what care is available at your home.

Can I contact and visit my GP without speaking to a member of the team?

Yes – of course you can but we would ask if you could advise us, as we have a duty to keep your care records up to date.

Can I view my care plan at any time?

Yes – we will be working closely with you to formulate a plan of care. We will of course include you in evaluation and updating each month or sooner, should your care and support needs change.

What will happen if I should lose capacity while here?

There are varying levels of capacity and we would assess you continuously. We would ensure that you are continually supported in every way to make choices and that your wishes are met. We would meet with you and any family and friends that you may indicate to formulate a care plan to reflect this. You would not have to leave an Aura Care Home.

Are relationships with other residents in the home encouraged?

This is up to each individual Resident. We appreciate that some people prefer their own company and so we would respect this. If a Resident lacks confidence, then we would help facilitate their meeting like-minded people. If a Resident lacks the capacity to make an informed decision, then we would discuss any relationships with a member of the opposite sex with the Resident and their advocate and a Best Interest decision would be indicated.

Can I request gender-specific carers to assist me with my personal care needs?

Yes, of course. We will be completing a choice and wishes form when you move into an Aura Care Home to discuss your preferences.

Will I need to move to another facility for any health reasons?

We anticipate that we will be able to support Residents with a variety of medical conditions. However should you need to move for whatever reasons we will support you through this process.


What different financial options are there when taking a room?

There are a number of options that you are able to choose from. These rates are dependent on assessment and may vary slightly according to your need requirements.

How do I secure my place at an Aura Care home?

We ask for £1000 to secure your room within the Home. This is fully refundable, should you decide not to come and live here.

What happens if I run out of money, will I be served notice if I cannot afford it, is there any help?

Before you come to live at an Aura Care Home we will outline all the T&C s regarding your contract. You will need to evidence that you have sufficient funds to pay your fees for three years. If after that your funds become insufficient, then we would accept Local Authority funding.

If I want additional care can I have it - and at what price?

Of course you are able to increase the amount of care that you receive whether it be physical or social, but this could incur an additional cost. Team members would liaise with you to discuss your wishes and any fee increase surrounding this.

If I wish to leave an Aura Care home, for whatever reason, how much notice do I have to give?

You would have to give 28 days’ notice in writing of your intention to leave.

What will happen if my needs increase and I require more support?

The team would then complete a full clinical assessment of needs and discuss with you the extra support that you will require and any extra costs that this may incur. We anticipate that we will be able to manage increased needs and not indicate that an alternative care facility would be more appropriate.

Are all the rooms priced at the same rate?

Yes, there is only one rate based on the room. All our rooms are have the same floor space although may have a slightly different layout. However each individual will have their own tailored care package and so rate of care will differ.

Are there any community or service charges to incur?

No. There is no introduction fee, service charges or community fees to pay as an extra. The weekly fee is inclusive of these costs.

What are the extra services that are not included in the weekly costing?

Hairdressing, chiropody, any access to private health care professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, any external organised events such as theatre trips, transport to and from town outside the scheduled times.

Would I be able to move to an Aura Care Living home with a twelve week disregard rule?

Yes – provided you are able to supply details that you will be able to fund your place for three years.


Do I need to sign up to events or activities?

No, even before you arrive at the Home we will come and meet with you and discuss all your hobbies and leisure interests be it Social, Occupational or Intellectual. On arrival to the Home, our Team will sit with you and formulate a tailor-made plan of engagement. There may be events organised such as trips where it is limited numbers, so you would have to indicate if you wish to attend.

Is there a hair salon?

There is a hairdressing salon situated on the first floor. There will be a visiting hairdresser/barber available. You will be able to book an appointment directly with her or through a member of the team. Of course if you would prefer to have your own hairdresser visiting, then you will be able to have use of the salon when it is available or if you would prefer, we can arrange transport to take you to a salon within the community

Please explain the process of Aura life story

This is all about “you”. Our trained team will sit and listen while you discuss your hobbies, interests, family, friends, special occasions and will assist you to formulate a bespoke engagement programme to ensure that you continue to live your dream.


How often is my room cleaned and my sheets changed?

All rooms are cleaned daily, with a deep-clean being performed every month. Of course – if there were any issues at any time, a member of the housekeeping team will be available to address this. Sheets will be changed according to the wishes of the Resident. If they are unable to indicate this, at least weekly.

How often will the windows be cleaned in my room?

They will be cleaned both outside and inside each month.

Is there a dry cleaning service?

There will be an in-house laundry facility, where your clothing will be washed and ironed for you, but we will not be able to provide a dry cleaning service for delicate clothing.

Will I be expected to label all my clothing?

All clothing will need to be labelled. We will be offering a service to insert labels if required free of charge.


Can I eat in any of the lounges or in the other dining rooms around the home?

You are able to move freely around the Home should you wish to and are able to take your meals or refreshments in any of the dining areas or even in your room. We will ask that you alert a member of the team so that they know where to serve your meal.

Are there vegan, vegetarian and other dietary options for dinner?

We will of course discuss with you your dietary requirements prior to your arrival to an Aura Care Home. There will be three choices at every lunch time including a vegetarian option and the Head Chef will ensure that if you follow a vegan, gluten-free diet, any other specific diet or have food allergies, then meals will be adapted accordingly.

Can I have food and drink delivered to my room at any time of the day or night?

Yes, of course. There is a call system in your room where you are able to order food and drinks.

Am I allowed alcohol and is there an additional cost?

Of course. You are permitted to bring in alcohol to keep within your room. There will be a glass of sherry and a glass of wine provided at lunch time.

Can I grow my own vegetables in the garden?

Yes. We would encourage you to do so. There will be raised beds, tools available and a greenhouse. We will also be having some fruit trees, chickens and bee hives. There is some space on your balcony or outside your room, if downstairs, for pots or hanging baskets.

Would you allow residents to help cook food?

For Health and Safety reasons, Residents are not permitted to use the Main kitchen. There will be small serveries in each unit where there will be a microwave and bread-maker, so small snacks can be made. It maybe that we can provide suitable training and following risk assessments and facilitate Residents to make snacks or small meals within the kitchen.

Are there any events planned where young people come and join us?

Yes – we will be working with the local community, schools, guides, brownies, cubs and arranging events within the Home

Will there be any exhibitions and talks from local people?

Yes – we want you to maintain your ties with the local community and will encourage talks, exhibitions for local clubs and societies. We will also support you to attend meetings, clubs, religious gatherings and exhibitions within the community.