Healthy Eating tips for the Elderly
December 3, 2020

Staying healthy in later life can be challenging. Bad habits can often be life-long, access to shops can also be limited leaving reduced access to fresh ingredients. With limited mobility and lower energy levels, it can be extremely hard to keep to a balanced diet.

However, eating a variety of foods from all food groups is essential to supply the right nutrients for people, especially as they age. Creating a healthy eating plan which emphasizes fruit, vegetables, whole grains and a low fat diet which includes meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts as well as limiting sugar is essential to reduce health related issues in later life.

Eating correctly does not need to be complicated. We have 5 key rules to stick to when thinking about eating healthily:


  1. Fruit and vegetables are essential. These can be canned, fresh or frozen. Try to include a range of dark green vegetables such as leafy greens and broccoli as well as orange vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes.
  2. Change your protein sources regularly and include lots of fish, beans and peas.
  3. Ensure you have three ounces (85g) of whole-grains per day which can include cereals, breads, crackers, rice or pasta. Whole grains are much better for you, and include things like brown rice, wholegrain pasta and wholegrain bread.
  4. Ensure you dairy is low fat and fortified with Vitamin D to ensure your bones remain strong and healthy.
  5. Try to ensure your fats are polyunsaturated or monounsaturated to keep a healthy cholesterol level.

Adding in regular daily exercise, even if it is a short walk, is the best way to keep your mobility high and your overall health in tip top condition. A few minutes twice a day is a great place to start as you gradually build your strength.

The Aura Way

For many, cooking can be extremely challenging in later life. At Aura Care Living, we create healthy, home-cooked meals in-house for our residents. These are prepared freshly by our wonderful, highly qualified chef who prides himself in sourcing fantastic ingredients which are healthy, nutritious and most importantly tasty.