Aura Care Living are proud to celebrate their launch for the Penthouse Suites at King’s Lodge Care Home in Camberley.
November 16, 2023

Proudly attended by Mr Michael Gove MP and Mayor Pat Tedder, the second floor, comprising luxury suites and the Phyllis Tuckwell In-Patient Unit, was opened following 2 years of planning between Phyllis Tuckwell and Aura Care Living.

Nestled in 15 acres of mature woodland, King’s Lodge Care Home boasts an array of beautiful facilities and spaces for those looking for industry leading Residential, Respite, Dementia and Nursing Care. The addition of the luxury suites offers large en-suite rooms which overlook the beautiful scenery of the surrey hills, and will be reserved for those searching for specialist Nursing and End Of Life care.

This extensive addition brings 18 rooms to King’s Lodge, 10 of which are currently being used for the Phyllis Tuckwell In-Patient Unit.  

Linda Lloyd, CEO of Aura Care Living says: “This is a huge accolade for Aura Care Living and I am grateful for the hard work of our Care Director Sarah-Jane Parkin and her dedicated team as well as the work from Phyllis Tuckwell and Target REIT in this monumental project.”

“6 years ago we embarked on a vision which came to fruition thanks to the backing of Kenneth MacKenzie of Target REIT, and we are so proud of the beautiful result of that dream and continued hard work.”