I was visiting my family in London when I fell and broke my femur while shopping. Because I am over the age of 65, I needed to be placed in a care home to assist me with daily activities while I recovered. I am married and was concerned about being separated from my husband during my recovery, so we decided to move into the Couple’s Care Suite at Aura Care Living, which allowed us to live together until I was fully recovered.

I am used to living a luxurious lifestyle, and Aura Care has exceeded all of my expectations. I live in a beautiful apartment that is stylish, classy, and cosy, with a view of the beautiful gardens.

I was nervous about entering a nursing home because I only needed rehabilitation for a few weeks. I felt at ease after the first hour because everyone is so friendly, and I felt comfortable and safe. I get incredible care from the nurses, who all treat us with kindness and respect. Every day, I have all three meals prepared for me, and I have physiotherapy three times a week to help with my recovery. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the wonderful nurses and the wonderful friends I’ve made while here.