I like to get up nice and early, get dressed and showered and ready for the day. I have to have my morning hug with David the Lifestyle Lead, which is my favourite part of the day,  then head to the dining room for breakfast, where I often will choose cereal or toast with a nice cup of tea.

There are great activities to make the day enjoyable and I like to join in with the morning activity like crosswords, vicar service or nails and manicures.  I enjoy lunch with my friends and will then join in again with a singalong or musician.  My favourite is when they bring in animals which they do regularly and visits from children always make me so happy.

I enjoy my time here and I am lucky to have a beautiful room with a balcony. The residents and staff are very friendly and they always give me a smile and a hug. I enjoy the food here and love my walks around the home and grounds. I really feel at home here. 

Doreen’s Relatives Say: 


“Wow, we couldn’t believe the facilities and décor.  We cant imagine Doreen anywhere else. There are nice gardens and walks with seating areas.   Everyone is friendly that works here always saying hello and greeting us.  Even the other residents greet us and we feel really welcome here. We are really happy with the activities and events here with something always happening for the residents.” 





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