How To Be A Carer
April 6, 2021

Care workers, also known as Carers, are a vital part of any care home or nursing facility. As a Carer, you will be responsible for assisting vulnerable and elderly adults the best care possible and assist with normal daily tasks.

Once you have become a Carer, you will see how vital you are to someone who needs assistance and are often a lifeline to ensure their daily life is both comfortable and also enjoyable. We find that Carers are so loved by residents in our care home, they are often the first person they will open up to above others. Communication is therefore a vital skill to possess alongside a caring and friendly approach.

In order to be successful as a Carer, you will need to be reliable as you will be needing to ensure key tasks are completed each day. Our residents rely on our care team to ensure their daily tasks are completed and this can range from something as simple as making a fresh cup of tea to more important tasks.

What qualifications do I need to be a Care Worker?

Most employers prefer you to have some First Aid skills and a good demonstration of teamwork. Qualifications are not generally necessary for Care positions as training is provided in order to help you succeed. Most importantly, you will need to be empathetic as the people under your care may be at different stages of life. Communication skills are vital to be a valuable member of the team.

What is a care Salary likely to be?

Care salaries can range depending on experience and locations. At Aura Care Living, the wage is dependent entirely on experience and there are plenty of opportunities to grow within a role.

What key skills should a Care Worker have?

  • You must have a passion to work in the care industry and an overall desire to help people on a daily basis indiscriminately
  • Respect is a vital skill as resident’s within a care environment can have a range of abilities and disabilities as well as a range of care needs. Ensuring they feel supported and looked after is essential to their overall comfort and mental health. To that end, confidentiality is also imperative to protect your resident’s and their families.
  • An excellent understanding of hygiene as well as health and safety is important especially after the recent outbreaks of Covid-19. Vigilance over personal hygiene and workplace hygiene is vital.
  • Positive and enthusiasm is key to being successful as a Carer. Some days may be very challenging due to declining health of those under your care and you must ensure that you can talk to your team if you are feeling down so that you don’t let it affect your residents.
  • As a Carer, you will make up an important member of a resident’s overall care team, so teamwork is an essential skill and the ability to work with others, regardless of their background, age or any other defining factors is crucial.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our caring team, we have a recruitment section to the website which can be found here. We are always looking for talented inviduals to join our vibrant and dedicated team, so get in touch!

Aura Care Living’s Approach to Wellbeing

Aura Care Living’s Approach to Wellbeing

At Aura Care Living, we take a multi-level approach to wellbeing. The overarching ‘theme’ is to ensure our care, no matter the situation, is person centred. This means the focus of our care, activities, nutrition and every other facet of our provisions are focused on the person and what they want to do, not focusing their ‘condition’. We believe, no matter the stage of life you are in, we should support and focus on achieving the person’s aspirations and this support should be tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

Our three pillars that support our wellbeing approach are Physical, Mental and Nutritional. Our physical pillars involve our nurses and carers providing industry leading, person centred care. Ensuring that the resident is well cared for. These can be little things such as dressed smartly each morning if they want, and ensuring they feel positive and prepared for the day ahead.

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