Aura Care Living’s Approach to Wellbeing
January 16, 2022

At Aura Care Living, we take a multi-level approach to wellbeing. The overarching ‘theme’ is to ensure our care, no matter the situation, is person centered. This means the focus of our care, activities, nutrition and every other facet of our provisions are focused on the person and what they want to do, not focusing their ‘condition’. We believe, no matter the stage of life you are in, we should support and focus on achieving the person’s aspirations and this support should be tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

Our three pillars that support our wellbeing approach are Physical, Mental and Nutritional. Our physical pillars involve our nurses and carers providing industry leading, person centered care. Ensuring that the resident is well cared for. These can be little things such as dressed smartly each morning if they want, and ensuring they feel positive and prepared for the day ahead.


Mental Wellbeing 

Mental wellbeing is especially important and is something that can often be overlooked when thinking about care facilities. Ensuring that someone is mentally stimulated, no matter their mobility levels is integral to a resident living well and maximize their health. Our activity coordinators have been featured by the likes of Sky One, BBC News, The Times and The Daily Mail for their work with Aura Care Living Residents due to their person centered approach to develop a residents general wellbeing. This means creating activities specifically aimed at the interests and abilities of each and every resident, so they feel included and stimulated each and every single day.


 Physical Wellbeing

 An integral pillar to everyone’s life, physical health is fundamental to the overall wellbeing of the individual. This is provided by not just our care team, and also our nursing team who ensure that residents are healthy and happy. However, it is imperative to remember that we give control to our residents of their choices within their day to day life and offer support and care to the informed decisions they make.


Nutritional Wellbeing

 When mobility can be limited, ensuring that residents eat a healthy balanced diet is a crucial part of providing support in our care home. Although the diet has a direct correlation to our general health, wellbeing and fundamentally our quality of life, it is also important to remember the person centred approach to this. This means cooking nutritional meals that are enjoyable to residents, and make them feel at home. We encourage all of our residents to make healthy and informed choices to ensure good nutrition and hydration, and wish to make each and every mealtime is enjoyable for the people we are caring for. Our chefs create seasonal menus which feature fresh and local ingredients beautifully prepared home-cooked meals for them to eat in our comfortable restaurant, or if preferred, in the privacy of their room. 


 At Aura Care Living, you can rest easy knowing that we make decisions with you, not for you. Whether that be what activities we are doing together, what you want to eat that week or how you want to approach your medical options, we ensure that the resident is at the center of each and every decision, so that overall, they lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.