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Maintenance Assistant, Stratton Court




The post holder will ensure that the building and all equipment is safe and maintained to a standard to ensure the safety of Residents and Staff.

They will work independently and in collaboration with other teams and must record all maintenance and safety issues.

There is some driving duties, taking residents to and from appointments, and Banking etc in the general running of the Home.


 Maintaining the building and equipment

Monitor and respond to the fire alarm call, boilers and lift.

Make effective and efficient use of resources in any maintenance or repair.

Report and record all relevant information.

Transport residents to and fro to day centres, hospitals etc. if necessary.

To conduct Banking and purchase of small items for the home.


 Maintain the building, grounds and equipment to ensure the safety of residents, staff and visitors to the House

Maintain good communication and relationships with other teams and colleagues at the House.

 Maintain awareness of the Home’s policies and procedures especially the Fire Policy.

Participate in Training and Development as an individual and as part of the team.

Get involved in the induction of new staff by training them on the building layout and fire policies and procedures.

Maintain client and business confidentiality at all times.

Control and ordering of stock and acceptance and checking of deliveries.

Maintain an awareness of the Health and Safety requirements.

Observe and maintain high levels of communication within the teams of staff, individual colleagues and residents.

Maintain client and business confidentiality at all times.

To carry out any additional duties as requested.

To undertake any additional training and development programmes the Home may consider appropriate to enhance your contribution to the work at this home.

To review on a regular basis the job description for your post and to agree any changes.

Policies and Procedures

To be up to date on, and follow, the relevant procedures contained in the Home’s Policies and Procedures file as they affect your job and its responsibilities.

Equal Opportunities

Stratton Court Care Home is a company which consistently and positively celebrates differences that we have as people. This Home, in its policy and training, describes what we can expect of each other in our conduct. In your job, we expect you to make the fair treatment of colleagues and of those whom we serve a priority.


Be accountable to your Manager for all areas of your duties and responsibilities. This accountability will be expressed through:

Regular one to one supervisions and team meetings with the Manager and other members of the team.

An annual appraisal meeting at which personal targets will be set and monitored.

Tasks and responsibilities within your area of capability may vary occasionally depending upon the needs of the business.   You may be asked to undertake a variation of your normal routine to meets these needs.   Your enthusiasm and flexibility will be appreciated.