Peg’s Story

Margaret (better known as Peg) was in the WAAF as catering staff for over 7 years when she was just 16 years old as this was her childhood dream. She looked after the American Pilots in Lowestoft. A few years later, Peg married a Scotsman, James, who had a job taking him around the world. She always was an early riser, going for morning walks and played plenty of sports, but now enjoys watching them occasionally on tv.

A day in Peg’s life at Kings Lodge Care Home

At 8:15 I like to get up enjoy a full cooked breakfast in the dining room with a lovely cup of tea. I like to sit and chat with the ladies at the table, reminiscing about life and the pub I ran. I really enjoy watching This Morning in the lounge, with my friends. I especially like chatting to my friend Flo.

At lunch time, I like to enjoy the variety of food on offer, but definitely look forward to the desserts!

In the afternoon, I sometimes join in the activities. Sometimes I can be a bit hesitant, but the activities lady always encourages me and I am glad I have joined in at the end! Activities I particularly enjoy are the crafts, quizzes, bingo and music entertainment.

After the activities, I do look forward to a nice cup of tea and bit of cake, before enjoying a nice hearty supper. I tend to go to my room quite early, at 6:45 to get ready for a relaxing time before bed.

“Peg loves to socialise and always makes others feel welcome. She is a pleasure to be around and we love having her as part of our community” – Sarah Jane Parkin – General Manager of Kings Lodge Care Home.

Trisha’s Story

Trisha’s Story

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